Program of the Viennese Ball 2017 – Благодійний Віденський Бал

Program of the Viennese Ball 2017



The Viennese Ball in Kiev

April 21, 2018

  • 20:00-21:00 Arrival of guests

    Arrival of guests, meeting at the main stairs in the fierce freshness of spring in Kiev to the charming strains of Mozart and Haydn Meeting and communicating with the debutantes in the lounge area, light aperitif, a surprise from the official guest of the Ball

  • 21:00-21:05 "Earth Song" - an invitation into spring

    From the symphonic orchestra “Kyiv - Classic” under the lead of Maestro German Makarenko, UNESCO “Artist for Peace.”

  • 21:05-21:10 Polonaise by the debutantes

    Traditional solemn performance by the debutantes to the splendid "Polonaise" by Karl Ziehrer 30 young ladies in exquisite dresses with unique floral arrangements accompanied by elegant cavaliers.

    Debutante couples are introduced by:
    star choreographers:
    Andrii Dykyi and Elena Balgi

  • 21:10-21:17 "Vienna Spring in the Kyiv Mirror"

    A special performance for the Viennese Ball in Kiev with the participation of ballet dancers of the National Opera of Ukraine and students of the Kharkiv Choreographic School.

  • 21:17-21:25 Welcome speeches

    From the Kiev City State Administration, Viennese Ballroom Committee, and organizers of the Viennese Ball in Kyiv.

  • 21:25-21:35 "Spring in the colours of ranunculus"

    A special performance for the debutantes and star choreographers of the Viennese Ball in Kyiv Andrii Dykyi and Elena Balgi.

  • 21:35-21:37 Compliment

    From the Arthur Murray Kiev Dance Studio

  • 21:37-21:50 «AllesWalzer»! "Everybody waltzes!"

    Master of ceremonies invites guests to the dance floor. Waltz dance floor.

  • 21:50-21:55 Waltz "Hajodellaluna"

    Special project of the Ballroom Club of the Academy of Modern Education "A +"

  • 21:55-22:20 Artistic program

    Participants of the program:
    Symphonic orchestra “Kyiv - Classic”, conductor - People's Artist of Ukraine, conductor of the National Opera of Ukraine, Ambassador of the Ukrainian Culture, UNESCO "Artist for Peace" maestro Herman Makarenko.
    Lead singer of the Vienna State Opera
    Christian Drescher

    Exceptional soprano, lead singer of the National Opera of Ukraine, Honoured Artist of Ukraine
    Susanna Chakhoyan

    Students of the Kharkiv Choreographic School

  • 22:20-22:45 "Playful mood"

    A polka masterclass Dance floor of podegras, foxtrot, mazurka

  • 22:45-23:05 Charity flower auction

  • 23:05-23:19 Football galop on the Ball"

    A special project dedicated to the UEFA Champions League finals in Kyiv with the participation of the Ukrainian national football team players, students of the Kiev Municipal Academy of Variety and Circus Arts.

  • 23:19-23:50 "The romance of the spring garden"

    Dance floor of waltz, tango, foxtrot.
    Special gifts for ballroom dancers from ballroom dancing schools "Live Love" and "A+"

  • 23:50-00:00 "Variety of the Spring Flavour"

    Gastronomic fashion in the musical food theatre style.

  • 00:00-00:05Midnight surprise

  • 00:05-00:15 Choosing King and Queen, Prince and Princess of the Ball

    A ceremony with the participation of the representatives of the Viennese Ballroom Committee and organizers of the Viennese Ball in Kyiv.

  • 00:15-00:18 Waltz of the Ball's King and Queen, Prince and Princess

    "Kyiv Waltz"

  • 00:18-00:37 Romantic May Night

    Dance floor of waltz, quadrille.

  • 00:37-00:45 Speech by the special guest of the Ball

  • 00:45-00:48 "Dance of the Light"

    Choreographic performance in American Smooth Waltz style by "Golden Dance" Dance School.

  • 00:48-00:50 Presentation of the traditional Viennese Ball dish "Сognac Goulash"

  • 00:50-01:00 Charity lottery

  • 01:00-01:30 "Tango in the night city"

    Special project from
    Kyiv Tango Project

  • 01:30-02:15 "Freestyle"

    Popular ballroom music DJ mix

  • 2:15 Ending of the Ball

* The Program of the Viennese Ball may be subject to changes.


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