Etiquette – Благодійний Віденський Бал



So, if you accepted an invitation to the ball, it means that you will dance. The ball is usually attended in pairs. It is impolite to come late.

Invited guests arrive in their own cars, walk to the hall down the red carpet.

Dancing pairs should fulfill instructions of the dancing-master.

Dancing etiquette is mandatory: a lady may decline an invitation for a dance, if she is already invited or wants to take a rest. A lady may accept no more than three invitations in succession from someone else’s partner.

Cavaliers at the ball should look after ladies, entertain them, bring drinks, fulfill requests, be generous with compliments.

At the ball everyone behaves decently, genteelly, gracefully.

While dancing, cavaliers lead ladies and should assume all mistakes. During ceremonial dances (polonaise or minuet), pairs stand only behind those who are already lined on the dance floor. The distance between pairs should be approximately one meter, there’s no need to approach those dancing too closely. When a dance is over, the cavalier should thank and accompany the lady to her place.

The master of ceremonies of the ball is in control, all those present should listen to him.

In general, a festive atmosphere is felt at the ball. Pleasant communication, classical music, is there anything more pleasant?

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