Дебютантам на Благодійний Віденський Бал

The debutants at the Charity Viennese Ball


Apply for participation in the Charity Vienna Ball in Kiev
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The Viennese Ball always opens a couple of debutants. The debutant can be only once in a lifetime.

The debutant of the Charitable Vienna Ball in Kiev can be a girl from 16 to 23 years old. The candidate is a competitor for knowledge of foreign languages, as well as from history, literature and culture. The contestant writes an essay, why she wants to hit the Vienna Ball. It must bring the waltz to the Organizing Committee for Waltz Arts. Her partner is also selected, she should be between 18 and 28 years old.

To participate in the competition candidates must complete and send an application in the following form:

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Partners of the event

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