Such a significant international event is usually related to a major charity project: millions of dollars are gathered to fight AIDS and other challenges of the contemporary world.

Funds from the Viennese Ball in Kyiv will be directed for rehabilitation of soldiers of the Anti-Terrorist Operation and children with special needs.

According to the Association for Medical and Psychological Rehabilitation, out of all 300 thousands of demobilized soldiers of the ATO, nearly 120 thousands may need medical, social and psychological adaptation – such fact is evidenced with international studies. As of today only about 23 thousands of the ATO veterans received rehabilitation services.

The Center for Social Adaptation of Children with Disabilities is a unique establishment, recently opened in Kyiv. Both children and their parents can take a training course there. The Center can admit nearly one and a half thousand families per year, while more than 8 thousands of Kyiv inhabitants need help. In order to launch online-trainings for parents of such children, first of all, it’s necessary to purchase expensive equipment and engage as many unique specialists as possible: health professionals, rehabilitation therapists, psychologists, etc. Already now people are signing up for the rehabilitation course at the Center for the following half-year period.


Center for Social Rehabilitation of Children with Disabilities

Established in 2017 based on the communal property of the territorial community of Kyiv.
The center provides services to disabled children aged from 4 to 18.
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Charity Fund ``Medicine. Innovations. Development``

The charity fund focused not only on helping a certain person, but also facilitating the development of the healthcare industry in general.
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